A host of integrations and services to power your originations

Automate your Simpology Workflows
with your preferred third-party services


Seamless valuations and AVM ordering against your specific valuation policy logic; receive both hardcopy reports and data for auto population and inclusion in business rules and decisioning logic.

Digital VOI

Integrated digital consumer VOI workflows for quick, convenient, secure and compliant verification of applicant identities, AML and CTF responsibilities.

Credit File

Integrated bureau calls for CCR and/or Access Seeker, supported by digital consent workflows. Services return hardcopy reports and service data for use in workflows and inclusion in business and decisioning logic.

Digital Signatures

For quick, convenient, secure digital signatures of any form or document generated in Simpology workflows.

Fraud Check

Check documents for potential fraud and flag for review.

Open Banking/Bank Transactions

Digital consumer consent and access workflows, to return source-of-truth bank transaction data for convenient application creation and/or verification of declared data.

Mortgage Insurance

Submit and receive LMI premium quotes and full approvals from within workflows.

Solicitor Partners

Digital document prep and contract execution workflows.

SSI – Simpology
Shared Services Infrastructure

Simpology Shared Services Infrastructure (SSI) is a secure integration hub and scalable message-based system that allows you to configure your desired services (internal or third party) into your Simpology workflows.

The SSI infrastructure with the Simpology ecosystem allows you to add, remove or swap third party-services without delay or disruption to workflows and existing operations.

Use Simpology digital widgets to embed ready-made, third-party workflows with great user controls over service triggers, re-sets, notifications, reminders and outcomes.
Secure, quick and convenient integrations to power your journeys and processes; with source-of-truth data sets to qualify or auto-complete workflows.

Embed integrations in any or all of your experiences and workflows, with third-party services, or existing internal data sources.

PASAAS – Products and
Serviceability engines

Simpology ecosystem includes sophisticated, configurable Products, Serviceability and Policy engines to power your Simpology workflows.
All engines can be self-managed by Lenders and updates can be published whenever required, without release cycles.
Build any number of logic collections – allowing you to have varied logic for different origination journeys, networks or audiences where needed.
Full swagger of APIs for your technical teams to integrate PASAAS engines into your systems and workflows.

Make your logic available to external network partners via secure subscription to your engines, supported by a full API swagger.

Assure compliance to your source-of-truth logic and be confident that subscribing systems are always up to date, with no change management effort.
As a network partner, ensure your systems are accurately displaying and using correct and up-to-date lender data and logic.
Lender metrics, HEM/living expenses, trust/company/self-employed, gearing, tax bands, benchmarks – the entire serviceability spectrum is supported.
Full product data across 70+ lenders with Rate to Borrower; Comaprison and Revert rates; loan amount and LVR bands; product fees and features; TMB documentation; product sheets and fact sheets.

Digital Portals,
Lender Engines and Calculators

Digital Portals deliver convenience, security and transparency
to your networks.

Brandable digital portals for secure communication with customers and partners on any device.

Request further information or supporting documents from consumers in sales workflows.

Deliver Missing Information Requests to brokers in assessment workflows.

Build supporting documents logic and trigger requests via workflow logic. Uploaded documents can then automatically satisfy supporting document requirements.

Set automated reminders, escalations, and allow users to pass on tasks.

Keep communications centralised, shareable and avoid security issues such as email compromise.
Deliver status updates and an understanding of what to expect next.

Prepare customers and partners for next steps, effortlessly keep them informed and organised

Ditch your excels and digitise your serviceability tools with our Online Calculators.

Reward your team and network partners with a great time-saving tool for checking serviceability.

Brandable and configurable user interface that can be updated along with changing requirements and logic.
Integrated with your own business rules engine, or the Simpology serviceability engine, your calculator is always compliant and up to date .
Promote serviceability records to full loan application.

Use the Simpology swagger to integrate your calculator into any of your own systems and workflows.

Allow network partners to post opportunity data against your serviceability for integrated serviceability within their own.

Simpology is a powerful loan application ecosystem that radically reduces time to decision.

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