The most advanced electronic lodgement tool
Loanapp is the dynamically configurable loan application tool that connects brokers and lenders in real-time.

Everything you need to submit and manage loan applications

Submit higher quality loans with less effort.

Manage All Apps Effortlessly

The Application Manager in Loanapp has everything you need to centralise, see and make changes to your apps. It gives you visibility into all applications, whether in progress or submitted, and the ability to see how your team is performing.

Collect Data Faster Than Ever

Loanapp is an improved service based on industry best practices and latest software trends that helps you complete loan apps faster than any other. It guides you naturally through the entire process, and validates data promptly giving you feedback in real-time.

Always Be In Sync With Your Lender

Smart business logic applied to data collection, serviceability, print forms, products and supporting docs, ensures you and your lender are always on the same page. Lenders are able to set metrics and implement their requirements directly into your Loanapp interface.

Loan origination and processing gets a whole lot faster

We made sure everything you need is at your fingertips, presented to you in an aesthetically and intuitively designed user interface: the exact data set you need, version controlled print forms, the right supporting documents, complete checklists directly from your lender, accurate serviceability calculators, external data sources for auto-population and many more.

All the best tools at your fingertips.

Smart Print Forms

Based on Lender requirements for that loan, Print Forms are always the right version. They are auto-populated with the already collected data, and can be easily edited and shared.

Supporting Documents

With full upload capability, easy editing and sharing, Loanapp helps you submit approval-ready apps, matching the dynamically generated checklists based on lender rules.

Serviceability Calculators

This is the serviceability you can trust from within your platform, based on lender-set metrics controlled and calculated from the already-entered data in the app.

Application Management

You can create and edit applications, as well as supervise your team’s activity, manage loan writers and owners, thus controlling who can submit or create apps.

Data Collection

Loanapp provides you with an intuitive, smart and clean application form that guides you naturally through data completion, matching the lender’s actual requirements.

A Powerful Platform

Loanapp has best practice security mechanisms. It can work as a standalone platform, or it can be easily integrated with any other internal app such as your CRM platform.

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Are you a Broker?

Smart business logic ensures you are always on the same page with your Lender, giving them the possibility to set metrics and implement their requirements directly in your Loanapp interface.

Are you an Aggregator?

Loanapp is configured based on lender business rules that cover application data, live validation conditions, products, serviceability, print forms and supporting docs. Your brokers will deliver quality submissions, saving loads of time. Furthermore, you won’t have to approve and release changes to your lodgement capability – it happens automatically.

Are you a Lender?

With Loanapp methodology you can keep everybody on the same page, controlling and empowering your brokers to submit more approval-ready applications. All your submission requirements for different products or specific scenarios will be published effortlessly and appear to your brokers in real – time, directly in their application form.