The Loan Application You Will Love To Use.

Get approvals in half the time

Always be on the same page with your lender.

Automatically Generated Print Forms

With the new electronic generation of print forms you will never miss a form; forms are always the right version and auto-completed to save you time.


Supporting Documents That Work

Deliver all the supporting docs needed exactly how the lenders want them. Upload, edit and match them with the exact lender checklists.


Lender-set Serviceability Calculators

With lender defined calculation metrics, you have all the right information at your disposal to check pre-submission serviceability at point of sale.


Complete loan applications in 30% less time

Create and submit loan applications faster than ever.

Loanapp is an improved service based on industry best practices and latest software trends that helps you complete loan applications faster. It guides you naturally through the entire process and validates data with every keystroke, giving feedback in real-time.

Logical application form structure and easy navigation

Live business validation with every keystroke

Core Logic RP Data integration to validate properties

Superior auto-population based on lenders rules

Real-time feedback

Stay organized and competitive

Manage all electronic applications effortlessly.

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Upgrade your business

Deliver the best in loan origination.


Loanapp can be easily adopted by your business with integration into your  CRM.

  • Integrates seamlessly with any business solution
  • SOA, SaaS, and RESTful APIs
  • Powered by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Integration Platform


Loanapp incorporates several security mechanisms to ensure your account and data protection:

  • Multifactor Authentication; Audit Account Activity;
  • Granular Authorisation; Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest;
  • Application Security; Secure Locations; System Redundancy;
  • Network Security Infrastructure; System Updates.