Everything you need to manage

Your electronic applications.

Create Or Copy Apps

Save your time by duplicating apps.

View Your Apps

Easy visibility of all submitted and in progress apps.

Search And Filter

Easy search and filter capability to zone in on apps.

Import And Export Apps

Upload or download application XML if required.

Manage Accounts

Manage your profile and preferences.

Centralised applications management

Advanced Search And Filter

You can simply search and filter your apps according to application name, app owner, app creator, product group, document type or date.

Application Status

You can easily identify which submissions have been viewed and processed, and even view applications in progress.

Keep in sync with your team

Access to Your Team Apps

Supervise your company’s applications and see how your team is performing. Check the app owner, the loan writer, when it was created and last modified.

Ownership Management

With the right permissions, you can change the owner or the loan writer of an app, giving you flexibility to assign applications to different employees, or decide on who’s behalf they will be submitted.

More advanced capabilities

If you need them.

Clone Existing Applications

Copy option gives you the ability to use existing data from old applications for submissions to new lenders, or perhaps for increases to the customer’s existing lender. You can change or add information to an already submitted application, and resend it to your lender under a new ID.

Import Or Export Applications

You can easily export the XML packet of your application if you need to – or import XML data of loan applications created elsewhere straight into Loanapp.

Manage Accounts & Users

You can edit your profile or change your Loanapp preferences for a more personal experience. You can also view your team’s profiles and manage company users by adding, deleting or restricting their permissions.

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Need more reasons to use Loanapp?

Collaborate Easily With Your Lender

Loanapp allows you and your lender to view the same application at the same time, enabling BDMs and credit assessors to effectively help you as you put together a loan application.

A Central Database Of Applications For That Lender

Stay organised and have easy access to applications created and submitted.