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We’re an Australian company

Creating high quality web apps for the Australian and New Zealand mortgage industries.

EXPERTS Our team is comprised of digital natives, tech enthusiasts, skilled business analysts, strategists and mortgage industry gurus that use the power of technology to generate intuitive software solutions.
PROFESSIONALS We love combining amazing tools with great people to obtain great results. We use lots of software development models such as agile, scrum and kanban, together with a flawless communication, collaborative tools, and best technologies.
HIGHLY EXPERIENCED For more than 10 years we have been working with the most representative companies of the Australian Banking and Finance Industry. Our primary aim is to make their operational processes extremely efficient.

Our services


We’re a smart, passionate group dedicated to state-of-the-art software. We use modern tools and technologies such as .NET 4.6, ASP.NET MVC 5, GitHub, and heavy use of clean, well structured, reusable code.

Dev Productivity

Not only do we code like there is no tomorrow, but we also have special teams dedicated to creating tooling that streamline all our processes from development and testing to integration, packaging, and deployment.


We want our products to provide flexibility, great performance and efficiency. This is why our integration team ensures optimal data transfer between our banking customers, on a high performance and high availability basis.

Customer Service

All our customers are raving fans. And our main goal is to have our customers excited about the company’s service delivery and product way beyond normal, exceeding expectations every time.

Our Values

We lean on each other to grow.

Forget creating a breakthrough

Looking back into innovation history, people whom other people call innovative rarely used this word themselves. Instead their vocabularies leaned heavily on words like problem, exploration, change, risk and prototype. Powerful words. Words that imply a set of actions.

It all comes down to people around you

You feel like a superhero when a good idea pops in your head. Or a great solution. It’s amazing, really, you are invincible. And with all the amazing enthusiasm, the best part yet is to have your colleagues on your side. Those hard working guys who appreciate a damn good idea and bring everything to the table just to make it happen!

The foremost level of partnering

Reliability and responsiveness are in our DNA, simply because we pull out all the stops for customers who believe in us. That’s how all our work gets done. Without the constant feedback of our customers, we might get stuck making stuff that doesn’t actually matter.

Our Team

We trust in every teammate’s uniqueness and skills.

Kate Gubbins

Chief Amazement Officer 

Our CEO who supports the whole team’s efforts.

Mark Hanson

The Magician

Somehow figures out how to turn thought into reality.

Julie Kellaway

Project Manager

Keeps our co-workers on schedule.

Jennifer Hill

Customer Service Sensei

Maintains the clients’ Zen attitude.

Antony Brooke-Wood

IT Evangelist

Supports continuing innovation and development.

Avner Silberman

Senior DevOps Architect

Keeps our servers running fast.

Andreea Sindelaru

Senior Client Business Envisioner

Assesses the business model and its integration with technology.

Madalina Popa

Senior Client Business Envisioner

Assesses the business model and its integration with technology.

Marius Dobre

Client Business Envisioner

Assesses the business model and its integration with technology.

Ana Sandulescu

Client Configuration Rockstar

Sets up and manages all client requirements, data and content into custom systems.

Florentina Bugu

Client Configuration Rockstar

Sets up and manages all client requirements, data and content into custom systems.

Cristian Dan

Client Configuration Rockstar

Sets up and manages all client requirements, data and content into custom systems.

Catalin Gavan

Full-stack Developer

In charge of “the whole enchilada”. Builds, designs, and works across teams to create products.

Alin Prisecaru

Code Magician

Builds it, runs it.

Dinu Gurau

Code Magician

Builds it, runs it.

Dragos Rosculete

Senior DevOps Architect

Keeps our servers running fast.

Daniel Corbeanu


Ensures accurate data migration between our banking customers systems.

Cristian Stefanita

Software bug Deputy Inspector

Ensures no product bug makes it in the real world.

Stefan Iscru

Software bug Detective

Investigates every phase and feature of the software solution.

Maria Bucur

Arts and Buzz Designer

Creates engaging branding & marketing campaigns.

Ciprian Dragomir

People’s Man

Talent Recruiter for our Dev Team.

Pericle Ailincai

Facilities Manager

Basically, he keeps us happy at work.

Mari Tabara

In-house Officer

Pampers us.

Our Board

We’re backed by Australia’s most striking mortgage experts and investors.

David Shein
In 1987, David established Com Tech Communications as a specialist supplier of networking and communication products. In August 2000, David sold Com Tech to Dimension Data at a valuation in excess of $1billion. Since then David has held a number of Executive positions including Chairman of Macromatix, Mentor to One Big Switch, and most recently non-Exec Chairman of Centric Wealth.
David Fuchs
David is the Chief Investment Officer of LFG, the private investment business of the Lowy Family Group. Prior to joining LFG in 2008, David worked at Babcock & Brown, Pacific Equity Partners and Morgan Stanley.
Mike Goodwin
Mike joined Simpology in executive director capacity in early 2014. Mike has an extensive history in business and software development. Mike was previously a director and software architect at BNP Deneb which specialises in 3D simulations of large-scale mechanical systems with 150+ implementations world-wide.
Steve Gubbins
Steve is a shareholder and non-executive who has extensive history in wholesale funding/mortgage management loan origination and distribution channels in the Australian Mortgage industry.
Kate Gubbins
Prior to Simpology Kate owned and operated a Mortgage Management company, Domain Financial Services, with wholesale funding relationships with Adelaide Bank and ANZ Bank, and with $1.2Billion in loans under management. Kate sold Domain to Firstfolio at the end of 2008. Importantly, Kate held business-critical relationships with Aggregators, Brokers, Lenders, Mortgage Insurers, Valuers and Panel Solicitors, and she has first-hand understanding of the mortgage origination and assessment processes.
Paul Heilig
Paul is a veteran banker who has over 20 years’ experience in the banking and mortgage broking industry. Paul was employed by Investec, a specialist bank and asset manager, in South Africa, for 10 years and assisted in setting up their operations in Australia. Paul was the co-founder of Kingsbridge & Eagle, a successful and respected mortgage broking group. He also has held a senior executive position at Centric Wealth.
David Jacobson
Until recently, Dave was Managing Director of MacromatiX, a global leader in cloud-based retail and hospitality management solutions designed to increase productivity and operational excellence, in inventory and supply chain management. MacromatiX was successfully sold in 2012 to TPG, a leading global private investment firm with $66billion of capital under management. TPG has since created RedBook Connect, which includes the MacromatiX solution, and services 15 of the world’s 20 largest Restaurant and Hospitality Brands.

Lighting the way with LOANAPP

Simpology was delighted to celebrate the launch of LOANAPP, the newest and most advanced electronic lodgement tool.

Special guest, John MacLean, together with Kate, CEO of Simpology, taught us that obstacles and challenges can spark the determination to light new paths.

2016 - Darling Harbour, Sydney