Launch of Loanapp, Simpology’s new electronic lodgement tool

Special guest, John MacLean, together with Kate, CEO of Simpology, taught us that obstacles and challenges can spark the determination to light new paths.

SOURCE: Australian Broker

Caught on camera by Australian Broker

Australian Broker recently attended the launch of Loanapp, Simpology’s new electronic lodgement tool that connects brokers and lenders in real time. At the Star Room in Darling Harbour, Sydney, guests were treated to a presentation by athlete and author John Maclean, who spoke to the audience about the journey of his life and the importance of resilience and determination.

Simpology co-founders Kate Gubbins and Mark Hanson took the opportunity to thank business partners and early adopters of Simpology’s ‘electronic guidebooks’ approach to online applications, while also offering a sneak peek into future product offerings.